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Welcome to the sweden web site. This site primarily provides instructional support for classes taught at Minnesota State Community and Technical College, Moorhead MN. This site does provide information for selected Minnesota State University Moorhead Information Technology classes. We do have some items that may interest visitors, however no permission is given to damage this site.

The primary class support site is the brazil web site. This site serves as a backup to brazil and support for encryption activities.

Most visitors will find more information about Minnesota State Community and Technical College at http://www.minnesota.edu . Additional information about Minnesota State University Moorhead may be found at http://www.mnstate.edu/ .

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There is more to networking than
          just hooking things up

Fall Classes

CPTR 2224 - Linux I

CPTR 2234 - Linux II

CSCI 1110 - Informatics

CSEC 2204 - Managing Directory Services

CSIS 341 - System and Network Administration


Spring Classes

CPTR 1122 - System Maintenance

CPTR 2224 - Linux 1

CPTR 2245 - Enterprise Network Technologies

CPTR 2272 - Network Operating Systems

CSCI 1110 - Informatics

CSEC 1110 - Fundamentals of Information Technology Security


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